Care and protection for high-gloss surfaces


Care and protection for supermatt surfaces

Care-Set for high-gloss surfaces

Contents: Seno Gloss 250 ml · 2 Polishing cloths · Care instructions

  1. Shake Seno Gloss well before use to achieve good mixing of the
  2. Included in the set are 2 care cloths. Use one care cloth to apply
    and distribute Seno Gloss evenly over the surface to be treated,
    using light pressure. A little Seno Gloss goes a long way so it can
    be used very sparingly.
  3. Immediately after application, the polish can be buffed with the
    second care cloth using gentle pressure, sealing the surface and
    producing a high gloss.
  4. To remove minor surface scratches, we recommend repeating the
    polishing steps.

SENO GLOSS Recommendation

  • » We recommend polishing the high-gloss surface(s) immediately after removing the protective film in order to achieve a high level of durability and scratch resistance for the treated surfaces.
  • » Using Seno Gloss seals and protects the top layer, significantly improving scratch resistance.
  • » Seno Gloss is not harmful to the environment and can therefore also be used in living areas and kitchens.
  • » Based on our experience, the application should be repeated after 3 – 4 months at the latest to ensure a scratch-resistant surface with a high surface gloss and to achieve a long product life. In case of minor damage or if the surface gets very dirty, the surface can be cleaned more frequently with no problem.

SENO GLOSS Safety note

  • » Keep product out of the reach of children
  • » Ventilate rooms sufficiently during use
  • » Wash hands after using Seno Gloss

Properties achieved by using Seno Gloss

  • » Long-lasting, mineral-based, high-gloss seal and protection without the use of wax additives.
  • » Seno Gloss refreshes colours and restores the high gloss of dull, worn and used surfaces.
  • » Seno Gloss is particularly suitable for areas subject to high wear and damaging influences such as UV radiation, cleaning agents, grease soiling, fingerprints and other surface contamination.
  • »  The use of Seno Gloss significantly improves the scratch resistance of senosan® high-gloss surfaces.
  • » Seno Gloss can be used for the care and polishing of all ABS/ PMMA high gloss products in the senosan® product family.
  • » Seno Gloss is in no way aggressive, making it particularly gentle and environmentally friendly.
  • » Seno Gloss is also suitable for machine polishing of high-gloss surfaces.


Cleaner, 648/2004/EC, contains: 15-30% allphatic hydrocarbons, < 5% soap, < 5% allphatic/aromatic hydrocarbons, fragrances d-LIMONENE

Also available in other containers on request!

Made in Germany

Seno Gloss Superpolish

Care-Set for supermatt surfaces

Contents: Seno Matt 500 ml · 2 Polishing cloths · Care instructions

The surface cleaner SENO MATT is a special cleaning agent for the super-matt anti-fingerprint surface of the furniture film senosan AM1800TopMatt AF and convinces with the following properties:


  • » cleans super matt surfaces without streaks
  • » maintains matt surface and anti-fingerprint properties
  • » reliably removes grease, oil and similar contaminants
  • » environmentally friendly and biodegradable


  • » spray directly onto the surface
  • » wipe off with a clean, damp cloth and allow to dry
  • » Repeat cleaning several times if heavily soiled

Cleaner contains: Deionised water, anionic surfactants <5%.
2-propan-2-ol < 1%, „2-BROMO-2-NITROPROPANE-1,3-DIOL“ mixture of 5-chloro-2-methyl-2Hisothiazol-3-one
and 2-methyl-2H-isothiazol-3-one (3:1)

Also available in other containers on request!

Made in Germany

Seno Matt Pflegeset

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